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Deadline:  March 20

Have you ever been to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where the climate can be particularly gorgeous through the months of September through March? Puerto Vallarta is a popular tourist area, and Vallarta Excapes encourages businesses to take advantage of the picturesque region by holding their conferences there.

Well, now they have outdone themselves. They are offering you the opportunity to win a ticket to the main Tweet to be Heard Conference to be held in Nuevo Vallarta on May 13th and May 14th — a cool $275 value.

Taken direct from their Social Marketing Contest!! page, the rules are posted below for your convenience:

It is simple to enter… All you have to do is…

1. Retweet our Conference Related messages on Twitter.

2. Post a link to our Conference on your Website or Facebook Page.

3. Tell just Two friends about the Conference. http://www.tweettobeheard.com/

As an added Bonus, if you help to promote the event in some way that our panel of judges feels is off the charts wonderful… you will be entered to win a One Hour One on One with an esteemed member of our event Faculty!

Then just send an email to us telling us the things you did and you will be entered to win the FREE Main Conference Ticket.

The winner will be selected from all emails that we have received on March 20th.

Don’t miss this opportunity to win! Just take a look at what will be covered during the conference:

The breakout groups and classes during this conference will focus on:

  • Getting Found
  • The Art of Engagement
  • Creating a Community
  • Promotion of your Brand or Service
  • Viral Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Twitter/Facebook Integration

Borlok Virtual Assistants believes that all work and no play makes life way too boring. Don’t you agree?


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What greater purpose for full-grown boys (whoops, I’m sorry; I should have said men) than to put their brawn and strength in a game to test their skills and have all of America watch at the same time on a Sunday afternoon. What contest is that you might ask? It’s the sport of the fall and winter – that of football.

You see, football is steeped with a rich and lustrous history will roots originating all the way back into Ancient Greek and Roman games. While I confess I don’t know a lot about football (being more of an Arizona Diamondbacks fan), I do know enough to recognize when my home team is actually doing well

It wasn’t too long ago that our Red Birds, the Arizona Cardinals, were the laughing stock of the country, losing game after game, year after year. The pig-skinned football seemed to become alive and slippery as the valiant team looked very similar to the Keystone Cops as they fumbled, tripped, missed the ball, and more.

But not so now, my friends. The Red Birds have finally acquired their wings and have become the talk of the town with their win over the Philadelphia Eagles today with a score of 32 to 25. After twenty-two years, they blossomed into a well-oiled team that has a date with destiny with the Pittsburgh Steelers in Tampa, Florida on February 1. Are we proud of our boys? You bet! March onto victory my Arizona Cardinals. You can do it!

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