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Deadline:  10/18/09

This sweepstakes is geared to all you cowboys and cowgirls out there.

Ford Motor Company is the sponsor for this year’s PBR Invasion of the Bulls Sweepstakes. You will definitely need to pull your hat on tight to have a chance to win in all the action if you are a First Prize or Grand Prize winner.

You have lots of time but can only enter once per person or email address and anyone over 21 years of age in the United States including the District of Columbia can enter.

You just might be one of 3 finalists to thank your lucky stars if you win. Look at this as I describe what is included — Round-trip airfare, plus four nights at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, including ground transportation, VIP tickets to the second weekend of the 2009 Built Ford Tough PBR World Finals, Lunch with top PBR riders, cash (ah, ah — you’ve got to go see for yourself how much), A chance to participate in the Grand Prize Event, and much much more. Have I piqued your interest yet?

What – what’s the Grand Prize you ask? Oh, let me tell you — The Special-Edition PBR ’09 F-150 King Ranch® and become Honorary Stock Contractor of the bull “Super Duty” during the 2010 season!

Ford has really done themselves proud to bring this Invasion of the Bulls to you. Why not enter for your chance to win RIGHT NOW! and start thinking who you are going to take with you if you win.

Now there’s one more thing that I want you to do. Go Read the Official Rules so you can read up on any details that I missed and what the nitty gritty is.

1Sweeps wants YOU to have your chance to be a BIG WINNER and enjoy some Las Vegas fun!


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Deadline:  July 1, 2009

Oh, I can’t wait to tell you — here it is – your chance to enter and maybe win in the 75th Anniversary Super Fan Sweepstakes.

This sweepstakes is really very unique and just is made for all my NASCAR fans out there in the United States including the District of Columbia and Canada (excluding Quebec).

Picture this. You have entered the Sweepstakes and you imagine that you have won. In your dream you see yourself as possibly being the BIG WINNER winning the Grand Prize. Included in the Grand Prize are:

* Two (2) Pocono Club tickets to the 8/2/09 NASCAR race

* A ride with a NASCAR driver in an Army Hummer from driver introductions to the driver’s car prior to the start of the race

* A chance to win a Pocono Mountains Weekend Vacation package for two

But, as you continue in your dream state, you imagine hearing that YOU have won the Pocono Mountains Weekend Vacation package.  The Vacation Prize includes a two-night weekend stay for two (2) people, you get breakfast included at The Chateau Resort and Conference Center, and all sorts of other things included.

Then you wake up from your dream and realize you’d better get in gear and go read the Official Rules so that you have a chance to enter to win one of six (6) Grand Prizes of a Super Fan Experience at Pocono Raceway.

1Sweeps wishes you luck. Now go enter now!

Oh, did I mention that the winning entrants would be paired with one of several NASCAR drivers – let me name a few for you just to hurry you along quicker:  Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt, or Kurt Busch.

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DEADLINE: November 1, 2009

Dale Earnhardt Jr, Jeff Gordon, stock car racing,  Jimmie Johnson, I could live and breathe NASCAR events. How about you? Are you ready to enter the sweepstakes that will get your engines racing — the Coors Light NASCAR Weekend Sweepstakes?  Are you ready to start your engines and see what you can win?

Enter now (You must be age 21+) for your chance to win a NASCAR® VIP experience for the winner and one (1) guest to the race,  and to various promotional and hospitality events,  a meet-and-greet with a NASCAR® official and/or racing-team members, access to the Coors Light Pole Day, access to the Coors Light Pole presentation, pictures and meet-and-greet with the winning Coors Light Pole driver, Coors Light RV VIP hospitality, and a guided VIP tour. Oh, did I mention that round-trip coach air transportation for winner and one adult guest is included in the grand prize, as well as $750 in the form of a check?

California and Puerto Rico residents – I’m sorry but you won’t be able to enter; but everyone else in the United States can send in their entry. You will need a UPC code, which you can get at Get a Code, unless of course you want to use a code that you’ll find on the outside of specially marked 18-packs and 24-packs of Coors Light or Coors® Banquet beer that you were going to get for the party next weekend.

Oh, one last thing. You can enter every day but only once per person or email address. Go Now – Don’t wait. 1Sweeps wishes you the best of luck!

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Did you know that the sport of baseball goes all the way back to the mid-18th century? Baseball is a sport that everyone seems to look forward to. Move over football – it’s our turn now to have the TV stations focus on a sport where you can keep track of the ball and not lose it in a pile of bodies.

Since way back to June 19, 1846 when the very first game was recorded with actual written rules, every member of the family can relate to the sounds of Strike! or You’re OUT, or Safe!

Whether you live on the East coast or the West coast, baseball is steeped with rich American history. July 14, 2009, will signify the bringing together of the National and American League teams where they will meet together in St. Louis, Missouri at Busch Stadium.

Are you ready for the excitement? Do you think you have what it takes to be an All-Star Material? Why not take a look at our New Feature highlight on the Wilson “Are You All-Star Material” Sweepstakes. I’m sure you won’t be able to resist entering for YOUR chance to win. Have fun!

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What greater purpose for full-grown boys (whoops, I’m sorry; I should have said men) than to put their brawn and strength in a game to test their skills and have all of America watch at the same time on a Sunday afternoon. What contest is that you might ask? It’s the sport of the fall and winter – that of football.

You see, football is steeped with a rich and lustrous history will roots originating all the way back into Ancient Greek and Roman games. While I confess I don’t know a lot about football (being more of an Arizona Diamondbacks fan), I do know enough to recognize when my home team is actually doing well

It wasn’t too long ago that our Red Birds, the Arizona Cardinals, were the laughing stock of the country, losing game after game, year after year. The pig-skinned football seemed to become alive and slippery as the valiant team looked very similar to the Keystone Cops as they fumbled, tripped, missed the ball, and more.

But not so now, my friends. The Red Birds have finally acquired their wings and have become the talk of the town with their win over the Philadelphia Eagles today with a score of 32 to 25. After twenty-two years, they blossomed into a well-oiled team that has a date with destiny with the Pittsburgh Steelers in Tampa, Florida on February 1. Are we proud of our boys? You bet! March onto victory my Arizona Cardinals. You can do it!

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