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Deadline:  March 20

Have you ever been to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where the climate can be particularly gorgeous through the months of September through March? Puerto Vallarta is a popular tourist area, and Vallarta Excapes encourages businesses to take advantage of the picturesque region by holding their conferences there.

Well, now they have outdone themselves. They are offering you the opportunity to win a ticket to the main Tweet to be Heard Conference to be held in Nuevo Vallarta on May 13th and May 14th — a cool $275 value.

Taken direct from their Social Marketing Contest!! page, the rules are posted below for your convenience:

It is simple to enter… All you have to do is…

1. Retweet our Conference Related messages on Twitter.

2. Post a link to our Conference on your Website or Facebook Page.

3. Tell just Two friends about the Conference. http://www.tweettobeheard.com/

As an added Bonus, if you help to promote the event in some way that our panel of judges feels is off the charts wonderful… you will be entered to win a One Hour One on One with an esteemed member of our event Faculty!

Then just send an email to us telling us the things you did and you will be entered to win the FREE Main Conference Ticket.

The winner will be selected from all emails that we have received on March 20th.

Don’t miss this opportunity to win! Just take a look at what will be covered during the conference:

The breakout groups and classes during this conference will focus on:

  • Getting Found
  • The Art of Engagement
  • Creating a Community
  • Promotion of your Brand or Service
  • Viral Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Twitter/Facebook Integration

Borlok Virtual Assistants believes that all work and no play makes life way too boring. Don’t you agree?


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Deadline:  July 31, 2010

If you are a writer, you’re always looking for extra cash, right? Well, here is a chance for you to enter the Scinti Story Contest for your chance to pick up between $25-$100 in prize money.

The eligibility requirements are not stringent. You must be a fan of Scinti on Facebook, your submissions must all be done through email, and you can even submit stories that you might have written and published on your blog.

As always, 1Sweeps recommends that you pay attention to the rules. You can find them here: Rules.

Happy Writing!

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Deadline: November 8, 2009

Shame on you 1Sweeps. Where have you been?

We’re sorry folks. We have been very busy this last month or so, but we promise to try and do better in the future.

You ready? Here’s a new one for you.

Do you like Country Music – in particular, Tim McGraw? Tim McGraw is about to embark on his “Southern Voice” tour, and you could have a chance to journey to a show to hear it. It’s not hard to enter – just go to Tim McGraw Southern Voice Sweepstakes and fill in the essential details.

If you are lucky enough to win, you could win the following:

  • Round-trip coach airfare for two (2) to a Tim McGraw concert.
  • Two (2) night stay at a hotel near the concert city.
  • Two (2) tickets to a Tim McGraw concert.
  • Two (2) meet-and-greet passes with Tim McGraw.

No, I’m not going to tell you what else you can win; you’ll have to go see for yourself. But don’t wait! Hurry on over to the Tim McGraw Southern Voice Sweepstakes. Don’t forget to read the Official Rules. Below are just some of the important ones:

  1. Open to legal residents of the 48 contiguous United States and District of Columbia
  2. Limit is one (1) entry per Online Entrant per day.
  3. Must be at least 18 years of age or older at time of entry

1Sweeps is glad to be back. We wish you luck!

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Deadline:  September 30, 2009

Vroom, vroom. This is for all you supercross fans out there. Enter for a chance to win A custom 2009 MDK Honda CRF 250R in the

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Britney was born in 1981 in Kentwood,  Louisiana. Her truly impressive career began in 1992 when she first appeared as a contestant on the Star Search program. From there, she was fortunate enough to star in Disney Channel’s TV series The New Mickey Mouse Club during 1993 and 1994.

Today Britney Spears is one of the most influential female recording artists in the United States. It’s no wonder, due to her 32 million plus sold albums, that she is certified by the Recording Industry Association of America. How many female recording artists do you know that hold not only one Guinness World Record but several?

Not only is Britney Spears popular in the U.S. Millions of fans all over the world hang on every word that the media prints or says about her, some not too complimentary. It’s true that some of her actions leave us all scratching our heads with her rather extreme antics. But Britney Spears CAN perform and draw huge crowds.

Are you one of the masses that would like to see a LIVE performance of Britney? Now is your chance to see Britney Spears in Las Vegas. You’ll have to check out our Features page to get the nitty gritty on when, where, and how to enter. I can promise you that her performance is in the near future so you will want to get in gear and enter now!

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Did you know that the sport of baseball goes all the way back to the mid-18th century? Baseball is a sport that everyone seems to look forward to. Move over football – it’s our turn now to have the TV stations focus on a sport where you can keep track of the ball and not lose it in a pile of bodies.

Since way back to June 19, 1846 when the very first game was recorded with actual written rules, every member of the family can relate to the sounds of Strike! or You’re OUT, or Safe!

Whether you live on the East coast or the West coast, baseball is steeped with rich American history. July 14, 2009, will signify the bringing together of the National and American League teams where they will meet together in St. Louis, Missouri at Busch Stadium.

Are you ready for the excitement? Do you think you have what it takes to be an All-Star Material? Why not take a look at our New Feature highlight on the Wilson “Are You All-Star Material” Sweepstakes. I’m sure you won’t be able to resist entering for YOUR chance to win. Have fun!

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How many of you have had words that just seem to trip up your tongue and have you saying some pretty weird stuff? Did you know that there are actual tongue twister contests that spur the competitive nature in all of us?

Yes, that’s right. There are actual contests where people will try to say difficult phrases as many times as they can, as fact as they can, and all without tripping up and making a mistake.

Let me explain a little bit about what a tongue twister is. Think of it this way – it’s a short sentence or phrase that is VERY tricky to say fast. You know, I’m sure you remember as a kid having a contest with your best friend to see who could say, “how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?” Remember those days? Aren’t contests fun?

Here’s a fun site for you to look at: Tongue Twisters Galore. Maybe you have kids in your family that have birthdays right around the corner and you need a quick idea for fun things to do at birthday parties. Here’s a great idea – split the guests into two or more teams and have contests to see who can say tongue twisters without slipping up. The winner could get a prize.

Let me give you some examples:

  • If you must cross a course cross cow across a crowded cow crossing, cross the cross coarse cow across the crowded cow crossing carefully.
  • A noise annoys an oyster, but a noisy noise annoys an oyster more!
  • Catch a can canner canning a can as he does the cancan, amd you’ve caught a can-canning can-canning can canner!
  • I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! (Ummm, good 🙂 )
  • If two witches would watch two watches, which witch would watch which watch?
  • The sixth sick sheik’s sixth sheep’s sick. (I can see why this one is a Guiness Book of World Records winner, can’t you?)

So my friends, contests come in all kinds and can be loads of fun. Let me leave you with this tongue twister to send you on your way. How many yaks could a yak pack pack if a yak pack could pack yaks? Say that quickly if you can.

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